It is frightening to think that your child may be selected as the next target of the neighborhood or schoolyard bully. Will you know how to spot the warning signs? Will your child know how to react, protect or defend themselves?

Being the victim of a bully causes young children to lose their confidence and self –esteem. It can hurt their school grades, social status, and the ability to make friends. Why are some kids chosen to be the punching bag? Is it because they have done something wrong? NO!

Experts say that some children are selected because of their lack of confidence, their posture, the way they interact with other children or their body language. 

How can you prevent this from happening to your child? What can you do to guarantee that bullies avoid your child and choose someone else?

Many local parents with kids ages 6–18 take their children to Tokon Martial Arts in Natomas. Martial Arts teach children how to deal with bullies in a positive way that ends the tormenting forever.

Children Martial Arts

Tokon Martial Arts Bully Prevention

You see, unlike the typical extra-curricular activities available to your child, Tokon Martial Arts teaches kids how to do specific things, like how to:

  • Become more socially accretive and project confidence
  • How to carry himself/herself with a sense of strength and purpose that will stop a bully in the tracks
  • ​How to stand up for themselves and others without being abusive or offensive
  • How to enjoy physical activity and become more athletic while develooping the speed, coordination, agility, and cnfidence that it takes to enjoy and excell iin sport
  • Children quickly and enthusiastically learn how to make better choices about selecting their friends adn repel negative peer group influence

And get this… not only is this solution guaranteed to make your child more Confident, Focused and Disciplined… they’ll actually enjoy the process!

We invite you to learn firsthand how our program can help improve your child’s life and how Martial Arts teaches children how to deal with bullies in a positive way that ends the tormenting forever. Call about our FREE NO-RISK TRIAL CLASS to see for yourself how Tokon Martial Arts can help. 

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