Tokon Martial Art Students preparing for Success in Life

Tokon Students preparing for Success in Life

Budo is classified as the Martial Arts of Japan. All Budo Arts have one common goal. The search for mastery. A Budoka, someone who is walking the path of a Japanese Martial Artist is seeking the way to perfection and mastery. On this lifelong journey, the student develops virtues and skills such as goal setting and achievement, an extraordinarily high level of grit, focus, physical and mental discipline, high ethical values, lifelong learning, performance readiness, strategic thinking and planning, determination, decisiveness, empathy, and the skill to harmonize opposites.

Successful people have one thing in common.

The skill to set for themselves challenging long-term goals and to follow these goals out of their grit and motivation until they are accomplished. How do you learn such a skill and the grit it takes to walk this path? The Japanese Budo Arts teach exactly this and serve as the perfect role model. Anyone who has walked the path of Budo has developed exactly those skills:

  • Grit & Perseverence
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Achievement
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Self-Motivation

These virtues are not only essential for life but prime skills to be highly employable or to be prepared for self- employment. While those skills are not taught in schools, students at Tokon Martial Arts will learn these virtues through our program and learn to take the initiative. Where else in life do you have to go through pain, suffering, physical and mental exhaustion to reach the goal of becoming a black belt?

Someone who has attained a black belt with Tokon Martial Arts has acquired the physical and mental discipline to achieve challenging goals in any other discipline as well. It is evident in society as well as for individuals that innovation and inventions mostly happen after a period of setbacks, suffering and sometimes even pain.

Tokon students have learned to cope with these kind of setbacks and do not lose sight of their goal(s). Our students learn through challenging and rigorous training to unleash their potential and to overcome the inertia of (old/bad) habits or to acquire new skills.Because of this, Tokon students maintain readiness and competitiveness for life and workforce that is priceless. An enrichment program with Tokon Martial Arts will maximize your offerings to your students and give them the competitive edge they need.

​We invite you to learn firsthand how our program can help students of any ages learn life skills and virtues.

Call about our FREE NO-RISK TRIAL CLASS to see for yourself how Tokon Martial Arts can help.

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