If you care about your child's mental health you should read this

Albert Einstein once said, "Creativity is intelligence having fun," and to my knowledge, Mr Einstein was supposedly not stupid. 

So how do we foster creative minds in our children? There are many theories and methods, but I believe we should take a look at what kills a creative mind because this has become more pressing than ever. Why do I say this? Because creativity killers (#1) are all around us. The second problem (#2) is that more and more children cannot focus and stay on a single task without distraction.

Let me explain:

Step into a restaurant anywhere in the U.S., and you will most likely see, at the very least, one if not several TVs running: Enjoy your dinner, I guess. Go to a Fitness studio or Gym, and you will encounter the same: Enjoy your workout, I guess.

My bank has a flat screen TV to entertain me while waiting in line and even the gas station has a TV screen at its pump. In some places with advertisements in the restroom, I am now unable to use the restroom anymore without somebody or something trying to advertise slogans into my head.

This doesn't seem to be enough stimuli yet for most people because they still need Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and more social media and entertainment on their smartphones to entertain, distract and rescue them from boredom- or can it be they are unable to spend a minute with themselves anymore?

You know exactly what I am talking about because you see it everywhere and you are probably fighting this overwhelming trend yourself.

You too can see that not only focus is disappearing but people of all ages are having a much difficult time occupying themselves without the constant need of outside entertainment and consumption.

How can creativity spark in this kind of environment and society? An environment like this will lead to depression because neither our body nor mind is made for this. Humans are supposed to be active, creative and curious. Instead we have given in to 24/7 entertainment and consumption.

This is already a vast problem for an adult but can you imagine how much more of a significant challenge this poses for children?

How will our society look like in the future? I do not want to sound like we are doomed but with obesity rates exploding and a snowflake mindset, we as a society might not get far no matter how tech-savvy and educated our youth of today might be. Who will be the policeman, firefighter, energetic businessman or soldier of tomorrow?

So, what can you do for your child right now so that he or she will grow up differently? How can you foster awareness and cultivation of your child’s mind?

Traditional Karate is not only about focus but more so about learning and exploring one's own body, mind and emotions that go all the way down to one's soul. This unique path of happiness does not require consumption and entertainment and even works when the economy is down.

Traditional Karate training is not only a great workout that will get endorphins going- the little happy makers of the body- but it will teach your child two other essentials that have been lost in the digital age:

1) Being able to focus solely on one thing

2) Learning to keep yourself busy and occupied without the constant need of outside entertainment.

Why chose another sport for your child when traditional martial arts provides the greatest benefits? At Tokon Martial Arts, not only will your child learn beneficial skills and virtues, but he or she will also learn self-defense that one day might save their life. 

Sensei Marcus

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