How to be your daughter's super hero mom

Do you wish that one day your daughter will brag about how tough her mother is? Do you want to be your daughter’s role model? I am sure you do, but this article is more than just how to get bragging rights. It extends beyond that so you can turn from role model to real-life superhero.

Have you ever been impressed by people with foresight and wisdom? Who says that you can't be one of those impressive people and guide your daughter's life with foresight,  preparedness, and knowledge? Let's take a look at what you can do today that will pay off for decades to come:

1) Protection & safety

Like every parent, your first and primary objective is to keep your daughter safe. In today's violent world every woman, young or old, should possess the life skill of defending herself. So why not practice this critical skill together side by side? It is not only a great way to bond but might also save your daughter's life or your life one day.

Keep your daughter safe

Keep your daughter safe

Your daughter learns to stand her ground

Your daughter learns to stand her ground

2) Stand your ground

You know your daughter will have to learn to stand her ground in a hard world and many times, a male environment and work world. So why not start this process early but head-on by practicing karate? Karate students develop a strong spirit, learn how to stand their ground and know that quitting and giving up is not an option.

It is that kind of attitude that you want to equip your daughter for life. So let's get started rather sooner than later.

3) Equip her with tools of success

When we talk about success, we must consider 3 parts: 

- Education and academics

- Mindset of perseverance and mental strength

- Environment

Equip her with tools of success

Equip your daughter  with tools of success

I am sure you do the best to give your child an excellent education, and in the information age, this might no longer be a problem.  But what about mindset and environment? When it comes to the mindset you want your daughter to be concentrated, focused, goal oriented, determined, committed and equipped with lots of perseverance.

The education system does not really teach these skills and virtues. However, at Tokon Martial Arts those virtues are fostered, practiced and trained on a daily base.

This brings us to the next important point of success: Environment. Every successful person will tell you how important it is to surround yourself with successful people. Knowing that students at Tokon Martial Arts are trained to be high achievers, can you imagine a better environment? Remember that academics are only one part of success while a strong mind with perseverance, grit, and self-motivation play a significant role in achieving success AND happiness. This is where traditional Karate will prove its most significant value.

4) Finding and choosing a good partner for life

Students at Tokon Martial Arts are trained to be high achievers. This is not only the kind of environment you want your daughter to be in but also chose her circle of friends from. If you know your daughter surrounds herself with motivated and committed people that set goals and achieve them, then you already won half the battle of her knowing what kind of partner she should look for in life. 

Your daughter's partner for life

Your daughter's partner for life

5) Get those bragging rights

Lead by example: If you train with your daughter side by side, both of you will not only learn to protect yourself, get in shape and have great bonding experiences, but you will also be her real-life superhero. 

Be the mother that walks the path rather than just talks the path. This is something that your daughter will benefit from the rest of her life. She will always remember you as the mother that went through the hard training struggles and challenges with her. Those are the kind of stories that will inspire the next generation to come as well.

6) Training side by side might save you from some of the troubles that the teenage years bring. Being your daughter's workout partner keeps you close and connected, but you also share the same social circle within the dojo.

At Tokon Martial Arts we have many mothers that put on a Karate gi and lead by example.

If you want to learn more about the great benefits of training martial arts together contact Tokon Martial Arts

Sensei Marcus 

Call us at (916) 835 7717

Leading by example

Leading by example

Call us at (916) 835 - 7717


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