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The study of successful people shows, that you will always find at the least two common character traits: commitment and attitude.

It seems that successful people never have any doubts, any fear or anything else that might hold them back to achieve their dreams. It also appears that successful people never give up until they reach their goal(s).

Listening to successful people sharing their story, you realize that there is always a “wow” factor. It might be a heartbreaking experience like the death of a family member, extreme poverty or about nearly impossible circumstances. 

Yet they persevered, managed to sail through those troubled waters to come out on the other side twice as strong.

Don’t think that those successful people were born with that kind of attitude and commitment, but rather something like their extreme circumstances or somebody has sparked their fire, ignited their commitment and gave them the attitude needed to make their rise to success possible.

Success means the will to succeed, and that requires grit, perseverance, faith, confidence, attitude, mental endurance (and many sometimes physical endurance), strength, and fearlessness.

After all, nothing of this is taught in schools. Sure you will find libraries filled with books about any of those topics but even though the knowledge is out there  we don’t see more successful people? - I want to mention, when I talk about success, I don’t limit myself to financial success but include all other aspects such as family, health, friendships, happiness and more. 

How many of you readers have read a life-changing book from the New York Best Seller Book List just to realize nothing has or is changing in your life. For intellectual knowledge or studying data and facts, books serve us well but commitment is not really something you can explore in a book, and  anxiety can also not be eliminated through a fact sheet you study from a book.

The problem is that even if our brain holds the intellectual knowledge, something else is still missing. Our brain can't overcome the sweaty hands you get when anxious or control your racing heartbeat when under pressure. 

No book can teach you to learn or overcome something like this. 

You need something that teaches your mind,  your brain AS WELL AS your body. It almost seems like we need some sort of Mind & Body connection to learn and understand. It seems there are no such things or it would be taught in school — what a disappointment.

On a second thought humanity has been around for over 5000 years, maybe even for more than 10,000 as some believe - somebody must have figured this out? There has to be a system that can help us to improve ourselves, to self-develop so we don’t need to rely on luck, talent or the gifts we were born with given to us by nature.

I can assure you there is a system, and this system has not only been around for hundreds of years, but it actually has stood the test of time but more impressive it is so refined and reliable that it has proven itself on the battlefield and in war.

The answers can be found with traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

Evident to most is that martial arts teaches self-defense. However, that those arts teach in a very detailed and sophisticated way to its practitioner’s self-development as well as self-cultivation can only be fully recognized by a student and practitioner.

Traditional martial arts are actually ambassadors for understanding, love and peace, and if applied correctly success tools for (financial) wealth, abundance and riches. However, and probably by design, this self-development is secretly integrated and hidden that even practitioners with decades of training might never fully discover the real secret and its value.

After all, if it holds the secret to success (and much more) why would you want to give the key to just anyone. By the law of nature, this key should only be given to the most worthy person.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife Sensei Christina, and I are the owners of Tokon Martial Arts. One could consider us as experts when it comes to self-development and self-cultivation.

We both have been training in the art of Karate-Do, a traditional Japanese Martial Arts for more than 30 years each. We know and understand what a valuable tool the martial arts present to its practitioners and we can show you the way to your success is laying deep within you. All it takes is the correct training of your mind AND body.

We have taught thousands of students around the globe how to strengthen and train commitment and how to get an “I am unstoppable” attitude. We help you to set goals, and accomplish them. We teach how to gain more confidence and higher self-esteem. We get students to increase their focus, have more grit and learn how to persevere. Best of all in our Karate school we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving.

If your daughter becomes a Tokon Martial Arts black belt she will have done what most others will never do or accomplish. Your daughter  will have not only a different outlook on life and have a high achiever attitude, but most importantly she will have the key to success in her hands.

Stop looking for answers to your problems that have been figured out for us hundreds of years ago already within the educational and self-developmental secrets in the traditional martial arts. We will teach it to you, your daughter and your whole family.

Start your journey to success with us today!
Procrastination is a loser's game!

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Sensei Marcus is also the CEO of Taitoku Training. A coaching company that teaches self-development and self-transformation, team training & leadership. As a result of his coaching as a martial arts expert, CEOs increase their productivity, improve their efficiency, confidence, focus, and potential in a sustainable way. Through his teachings, companies can improve their communication, productivity, teamwork, profits and expand their market share. If you know a CEO or corporation that wants to take it to the next level, please visit Taitoku Training or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com

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