Are you surrounding yourself with high                                           achievers?

You might ask “Why is this important in the first place?”

The answer is straightforward: Surrounding yourself with high achievers means an improved chance of success.

One thing successful people have in common is the fact that they have mentors. They surround themselves with people who have achieved what they seek to accomplish.

Your mentors have gone through everything that you would go through in your hustle to achieve your goal. This means they have all the knowledge that would be necessary for you to achieve your goal.

For you to become a high achiever, you must surround yourself with high achievers and be willing to be mentored. The sooner you start, the better of a head start you get.

I always wondered why once you learn how to read in elementary schools, no one teaches you how to speed read? After all, you will, for the most part, spend the rest of your life, reading books. Also, no one is being taught in schools today how to improve their memory.

It begs the question, won’t speed reading and memory techniques be useful tools that would serve as a short cut the process of learning and reading.

If so, why aren’t they taught in schools? Maybe, because when students learn these tools, the educational process would be sped up and cut short. Thus, making schooling lose billions of dollars. However, this is an issue to be discussed in another article.

How does this relate to high achievers?

Yeah, I’m getting to that.

What if I told you that there is one activity you can embark upon that as a shortcut tool to get whatever you want. This activity would help improve your mental focus and strength, physical strength, your level of awareness, energy, and concentration.

What if I told you that this activity would make you a better team player, more empathetic, would teach you leadership skills while making you more reliable, dependable, determined and disciplined?

What if that activity instills a NEVER EVER GIVE UP attitude in you? Wouldn’t such an activity be the tool you need to handle and shortcut everything in life? Wouldn't that be your "speed reading" tool?

Well, luckily for you, such activity exists. In fact, it has been figured out centuries ago and has been passed from generation to generation through a selected circle of people.

Over the centuries, this activity has been tested with blood, sweat, and tears and has proven itself on the battlefield. Let me tell you what this activity is and where it can be found. This activity is the Martial Art indigenous to Japan, known as Karate-Do.

The educational secrets of traditional Karate provide you with the shortcut  needed to become a high achiever. Traditional Japanese martial arts are a mentorship program to gain all skills, virtues and character trades needed to become successful and a high achiever.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. My wife Christina Hinschberger and I own Tokon Martial Arts. We have over the years, taught and mentored thousands of students all over the world how to have that high achiever mindset. This has made some consider us an authority when it comes to the business of self-development for children and adults. We have taught literally thousands of students around the world how to build a “high achiever” mindset.

By teaching students how to increase their focus and grit, they learn how to persevere, set goals, and accomplish them.

More importantly, in Tokon Martial Arts, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the students to stay on track and keep improving.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have achieved what most people will never achieve in their lives. You will graduate with a different outlook on life and a high achiever attitude that will be very valuable for your life and career.

If you want a “nothing is too difficult” attitude, come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento CA.

The time is right to make this life-changing decision now!

Procrastination is a loser's game!


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​Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns a self-development company known as Taitoku Training. Taitoku Training was created by Marcus to help corporations and CEOs increase productivity and efficiency through martial arts.

The services of Taitoku Training would be useful for Fortune 500 companies, corporations, and highly successful individuals.

CEOs and Corporations willing to take it to the next level in their businesses should visit ​Taitoku Training or contact Marcus directly through

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