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Leadership is everything in life. Employers and organizations are always looking for people who can easily fit into leadership roles and lead others. For a few lucky people, training for leadership is an event they’ve had by reason of the circumstances of their birth, yet for the vast majority of people, they’ve had little or no exposure to training, hence when they get rejected for jobs or positions that require them to lead, they end up realizing the cost of their lack of leadership exposure too late.

The question you are probably asking yourself now is how can I be a great leader? How can I develop the skills that are needed to take leadership roles? Yet those may be the wrong questions, because leadership is not so much a function of who you are but what you do. You see, the more you keep on viewing leadership as a skill you must acquire to be able to fit into certain roles, the more you keep on putting the cart before the horse.

You are the one that needs to change your orientation about how you view leadership and then you will begin to act as a leader – your default mode – and then the next step is an evolution into leadership roles.

How do I know all this is true? Well, for the last few decades I have had the opportunity to turn men and women like you with zero leadership skills into people that others could identify as leaders because of certain qualities they now possessed.

How have I done this? By taking some of the age old proven strategies of the martial arts and helping people develop the traits and abilities that automatically made them leaders.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife Sensei Christina and I are the owners of Tokon Martial Arts. Many consider us an authority when it comes to leadership development for children and adults alike. I have seen businessmen and entrepreneurs who were almost running their companies into the ground as a result of bad leadership come to my martial arts dojo and became entirely new people with certain qualities that others respected. Qualities that you would find in any good leader.

What are these leadership qualities, that you will learn in my martial arts training?

- Self-confidence

- Self-control 

- Commitment

- Resilience

- A never-say-die attitude

- Responsibility

- Influence

- Focus

- Discipline

- Integrity

- Team work etc.

- Communication skills (you would be surprised how much you will learn in martial arts)

- Emotional intelligence and empathy (learning to feel aggression and emotions will teach you a lot)

I want you to take a great look at some of the leading figures in business, sports and the industry and see what holds them together if not this common attributes.

Coming to Tokon Martial Arts will equip you with these attributes which when you will begin to exhibit even unconsciously, others will start to view you as a leader and defer to your opinions. Martial arts has raised generations of leaders over hundreds of years and this is your chance to join that community.

Don’t just attend a leadership school that tells you how to order people around.

We make leaders great.  Attend a martial arts dojo like Tokon Martial arts that will ingrain you with these qualities that are the common denominators of leadership.

Ready to begin your training? The world needs these skills you will learn and it can’t afford to wait.

Visit Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento, CA to get started today.

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