Your discipline will be your ticket to success

Self-discipline is an important stepping stone in the journey to achievement. It doesn’t matter whether you were born with a silver spoon or not. Having the best set of tools that makes success within reach for you does not automatically translate into success. You can have all these things, but if you lack discipline you might still end up unsuccessful.

Self-Discipline is a crucial prerequisite for success. Even if you are a talented lad, you need the self-discipline to be able to develop that talent to become something that can work for you.

Famous sportsmen like Cristiano Ronaldo, Steph Curry, and Lionel Messi have some things in common. They are the best sportsmen playing their respective sports in the world right now. The acronym GOAT (Greatest of All Time) is associated with their names. They have won a countless number of championships and awards for their exploits in the world of sports. The underlying factor behind all this success is self-discipline.

These folks are a talented bunch. But what separates them from their peers is the regular training and practice of what they do. For instance, Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo has a personal training regimen that he follows every day. This is apart from the team training he does with his teammates. What made him the winner of five Ballon Dors was not his talent, but his discipline and willingness to train and keep becoming better and better.

Talent is necessary but Self-Discipline Remains an underlying factor that is responsible for the creation of any successful individual regardless of whatever he/she focuses on.

The good news is that you can develop self- discipline. The first thing you have to do is to determine to become a person of great discipline.

Next, you put yourself in an environment that requires and increases it. While self-discipline is needed to succeed, only a few people develop that attitude of discipline. That is why only a few people do particularly well in school. You can’t completely blame those who perform averagely or are below average academically. The school could be boring sometimes. And what is being taught does not always help in the outside world. That’s another issue to discuss for another day.

However, a Karate school or a Dojo would help develop self-discipline in you and your ward. Martial Arts has been developing the most disciplined warriors (and academics) on the planets for several hundreds of years. This is a reason why police and military forces of the world incorporate martial art training into their recruitment process. Of course, apart from the obvious need of a hand to hand combat for them to do their jobs.

Martial Arts training would help you increase your self-discipline by involving you in a series of self-defense moves that serve as a foundation for you to build on when you train. The practice and repetition would teach you the worth of working at something until it is almost perfect.  

Another thing that you should know is that self-discipline learned during learning of martial arts transfers to everything you do in your life.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. I and my wife Sensei Christina own Tokon Martial Arts. Tokon Martial Arts are considered by many as one of the best martial art training centers in Sacramento.


We have taught thousands of students around the globe how to develop the self-discipline necessary for success.

We help students to set goals, and accomplish them. We teach how to gain more confidence and higher self-esteem. We get students to increase their focus, have more grit and learn how to persevere. We teach how to shake off setbacks and try it one more time.

In our Karate school, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving. We strengthen confidence and reduce fear, anxiety, and doubts.

We teach our students to excel, to improve and to overcome. The family-friendly atmosphere that we have at our school creates a circle of friends that is supportive, inspiring and motivating to excellence.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish and you will have not only a different outlook on life but have the tools to succeed in your career and if desired make it take off.

If you want to make a wise decision for yourself, your son, your daughter or for your whole family then come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

Procrastination is a loser's game


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