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It is not uncommon for an individual to wish to be a particular person. This is not limited to the “I want to be Superman” stereotypes that young children often have. Adults also have fantasies of being other people.

I don’t mean to completely take on somebody else personality. Instead, I suggest developing character traits that would enable us to be the person of our dreams. If all of us have this kind of thought, how come some of us make their dream a reality and others don’t?

Two factors come into play. One is the intellect, and the other is the action.

How the intellect is an essential factor that can be summed up and explained in this simple but profound saying.

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes a reality.”

No one can argue against this statement, as it is a pure fact. In fact, this statement is enough to inspire you.

If there would be that one word, that either makes it all happening or brings it all to fall. 

The word is ACTION.

An action is what determines whether things happen or not.

If it is that easy then how come not more people reach their goals?

There is one thing that hinders action, and it is known as fear.

You can call it doubt or hesitation, but at the fundamental level, it is fear.

Ever heard that quote, “Once you become fearless, your life becomes limitless.” Fear is the only stumbling block in front of the action. Once that block is removed, you become limitless.

How do we do this?

First, what we need to do is how to recognize our fear. We cannot fight what we are not aware of.

Next, we throw ourselves into a scenario where we can practice how to overcome this fear.

It is that simple.

You should understand that fear is nothing that is real! Fear is made up - it only exists in your head.

It is therefore essential to look for an activity that would help you overcome your fear.

Martial Arts is a perfect option when considering what activities you might want to embark on to face your fears and ultimately overcome them.

Not only does it help you to meet your fear, but it also helps raise self-esteem and confidence. It also teaches learners how to focus better, have more grit and learn the graceful art of perseverance.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, and I am a martial arts instructor. My wife Christina and I are the owners of Sacramento's best Karate school Tokon Martial Arts. A lot of people consider us a formidable authority when it comes to teaching you the tools to become who you want to be.

Over the years, through karate, we have taught thousands of students around the globe how to face their fears and overcome them. We help you to set goals, and accomplish them. With us, students learn how to gain more confidence and higher self-esteem. Students get to increase their focus, have more grit and learn the useful art of perseverance. We teach how to shake off setbacks and to try it one more time.

In our Sacramento's best Karate school Tokon Martial Arts, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving. We reduce fear, anxiety, and doubts by strengthening the confidence levels of our students.

We teach our students to excel, to improve and to overcome. In Sacramento's best Karate school Tokon Martial Arts, a friendly family atmosphere helps foster strong friendships that can be supportive, inspiring and help motivate excellence.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish, and you will have not only a different outlook on life but have the tools to succeed in your career and life in general.

If you want to make a wise decision for yourself, your son, your daughter or for your whole family then come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

If you want a change in your life then all you need to do is come in and start.
The right time is always NOW.

Procrastination is a loser's game.


Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today.

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​Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. This is a coaching company that was designed to specifically help players in the business world increase productivity through a curriculum filled with self-development and self-transformation classes, team training classes and leadership classes.

This curriculum has helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and resultantly profits.

If you know any CEOs or corporations that want to take it to the next level, ask them to visit ​Taitoku or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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