Improving Your Kids Self-Esteem

Every child these days needs a healthy dose of self-esteem. Today’s world is radically different from the one we grew up in – social media pressures and the compulsion to be perfect, bullies at school, an over-competitive market place. These are a few of the challenges our kids’ face that they are sometimes not equipped to handle well enough.

That’s why as parents, we must give our children everything they need to survive in today’s society and one of those tools is self-esteem.

Self-esteem involves how your child accurately estimates their self-worth. Too low an estimation, and they may never rise up to their full potential. A child with self-esteem grows into the kind of teenager and adult who insist that others treat them with respect, while treating others the same way.

As a parent myself, I have found that team work helps build a strong amount of self-esteem in kids and one of the best places you can learn team work is in the martial arts training.

Martial arts training helps kids overcome issues with low self-esteem by improving their self-confidence and giving them an “I can do it” attitude. When you feel like you are in control of any situation you find yourself in, you are able to value yourself more correctly, which will help other people value your worth correctly too.

Over the last thirty years, I, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, and my wife Sensei Christina Hinschberger, have helped thousands of young children learn the basics of martial arts training which helped them improve their self-esteem. I have seen grow into better versions of themselves, simply because they lost their fear of being bullied by school mates.

Other benefits of martial arts training for kids include:

- Increased Focus and Concentration, helping them do better in school

- Teaching them Self-Respect and Respect toward others so they have better relationships

- Training in Self-Control, that way they are able to sit still and accomplish tasks without distraction.

- Helps them develop an appreciation for physical activity and not just time on smart phones

- Finally, development of healthier and stronger bodies – that way they build positive habits that last a lifetime.

Every parent wants their child to be equipped with everything they need for sound health and you are no exception.

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