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Martial arts is known for its quality of teaching life skills like confidence, self-esteem, concentration, goal setting, and commitment. Yet, there is no greater skill to be learned than leadership which is the sum total of all the aforementioned life skills. This is because the true measure of a person falls on his leadership abilities, and what is leadership without confidence or commitment or discipline. 

It would surprise you to know that there is a shortage of leadership in our society today. I do not mean people running for political office or desiring positions of power. I refer to people who actually merit the description of a leader because of all that they stand for – there is a shocking scarcity of such kind of personality. However, when they appear on the radar, the world notices them.

If you want to be one of such people, you must determine to learn all you can about the art of leadership and one of the best ways to do this is through martial arts training. Martial arts goes beyond physical abilities and self-defense, it is one of the few sports that influence the total person as it teaches skills like I described above that can improve the quality of a person’s life.

Without any doubt, leaders change the world, but the reason they are able to do this is because they have taken it upon themselves to change their own lives, for “he who cannot master himself cannot be master over the world”. 

That’s why at Tokon Martial Arts, a martial arts school (dojo) I run with my wife sensei Christina Hinschberger, we have trained thousands of people in the ways of leadership through the martial arts, releasing them into the areas of business, enterprise, and commerce to provide leadership across the nation.

You too can be one of them. You can learn how to be the best version of yourself and improve on your leadership ability or build it from scratch.

Here are a few ways martial arts helps you develop your leadership potential:

- Teaches you perseverance and discipline

- Teaches you how to set goals

- Teaches you how to develop a positive mental attitude

- Teaches you to take initiative

- Teaches you humility

- Teaches you people relations and social skills

- Teaches you how to believe in yourself

- Teaches you to overcome.

These are just a few of the ways training in the martial arts has helped people develop their leadership capacity and transfer it from inside the dojo to the boardroom. 

Remember, the world is looking for true leaders so if you want to be noticed by those that matter, improve on your leadership potential. Attend classes at the Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento and come see how we raise and equip our students with leadership skills every day.


Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today.

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​Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. This is a coaching company that was designed to specifically help players in the business world increase productivity through a curriculum filled with self-development and self-transformation classes, team training classes and leadership classes.

This curriculum has helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and resultantly profits.

If you know any CEOs or corporations that want to take it to the next level, ask them to visit ​Taitoku or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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