The benefits of Martial Arts Training: Confidence, Self-esteem, Focus, Committment, Determination, Perseverance, Goal Setting, Goal achievement, Leadership Skills, Self-discipline, Integrity.

What do your kids do after school? With the rise in the use of social media and electronic games, it’s very likely that your kids just keep their heads stuck in a video game or in their phones after school, but is that really healthy? 

We seem to forget that a lot of growth and mental development happens when we actually engage life and not just stick to the Internet and computer games. You can help your child engage life by registering them in a Martial Arts after school program. This gives them the opportunity to interact with other kids outside the traditional school environment, as well as help them understand the diversities that exist. 

At Tokon Martial Arts Academy, a Martial Arts school I began with my wife, Sensei Christina Hinschberger over seven years ago, we have provided several children with after school Martial Arts training that has gone on to equip them with certain skill-sets to be ahead of their peers. Some of the advantages of enrolling your child in a Martial Arts after school program include:

  1. Better Health and Physical Fitness Practices

Martial Arts has many positive effects on the health of your children as it can help tone muscles, boost metabolism, get rid of excessive fat, and maintain a high level of immunity to keeping infections and diseases at bay.

  1. Learning Sportsmanship and Healthy Competition

Martial Arts practice is based on a set of traditional values that include teamwork, cooperation, and a communal spirit. This is a sharp contrast to the unhealthy rivalry that pervades many of the sports programs in schools today that leave children emotionally undervalued if they can’t compete at a certain level. With Martial Arts, children learn the value of cooperation and competition in a healthy manner that helps every child become their personal best.

  1. Positive Impact on their Education

Most Martial Art forms have the benefit of not just improving the body but also the mind. Values and qualities like concentration, patience, and perseverance, as well as intense discipline, are some of the basic skills that you can expect kids to pick up as they practice Martial Arts, yet these values also go a long way in helping their education and academic learning. 

  1. Development of Life Skills

Martial Arts practice can also help your kids pick up other life skills that they may pick up in the school setting. At Tokon Martial Arts Academy, many of our pupils have learned to improve their communication skills, boost their self-confidence and mental attitude as well as develop other competencies such as goal setting and resilience.

If you want your child to enjoy some of these results, then you should visit Tokon Martial Arts Academy in Sacramento to enroll them in an after-school program where they can better themselves.

Sensei Marcus is also the Lead Coach of the Taitoku Self-Development Training, an intense coaching program for emerging business talents who want to stay ahead of the curve. For over three decades, Sensei Marcus has used the practical lessons of the martial arts teach and develop modern-day warriors in the boardroom. Learn how to improve team productivity and efficiency, increase results and control your market sector.

If you want to take your career to the next level, then the Taitoku Self-Development Training is for you. To find out how you can be a part of this select coaching program, visit www.TaitokuTraining.com or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.


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​Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. This is a coaching company that was designed to specifically help players in the business world increase productivity through a curriculum filled with self-development and self-transformation classes, team training classes and leadership classes.

This curriculum has helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and resultantly profits.

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