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Psychologists say childhood is one of the most important phases in the human lifespan. This is because a lot of what happens during this stage lays the foundation for how the life of that individual will turn out. That’s why as parents, we must pay extra attention to how we equip our children to face life in this season of their lives.

They face many challenges such as school bullies, social media, peer pressure, academic challenges and may feel overwhelmed by what they encounter.

One of the very best gifts we can equip them with in this stage is the gift of self-confidence. A confident child is unlikely to be swayed by peer pressure or affected by the glamour of social media or even terrorized by bullies.

Such a child will definitely grow up into becoming a well-adjusted, psychologically healthy and fully functioning individual who can conquer his or her world.

You may very well be wondering how to teach your children confidence and what textbook to buy for them. That is the wrong approach because self-confidence is not an academic exercise, instead, it is learned by experience.

By succeeding at a particular task and gaining a sense of accomplishment that things are possible for them and through practice and commitment within their reach. 

So how do you do this?

Very simple. One of the easiest ways to teach your children self-confidence is to enroll them in a martial arts training school. This is because martial arts equip children with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by giving them age and stage appropriate exercises that they can handle. 

At the Tokon Martial Arts school in Sacramento, a dojo I run with my wife Sensei Christina Hinschberger, we help children like yours develop the habits and values for self-confidence. By learning to work with their body and their mind, they get a sense of empowerment that transcends the dojo.

As they build up their physical body, they are empowered by the knowledge that they no longer have to fear any bully, and even when they choose not to fight, it is not out of cowardice but strength. As they train their minds, they learn how not to be swayed by external pressure but to always make the right choices that are best for them.

Such skills that are learned are able to cross into other areas of their lives such as school work, relationships, hobbies, etc. leaving your kids growing into the best version of themselves.

With self-confidence training through martial arts, their grades will improve, they will learn to focus and eliminate distraction and stay ahead of their peers.

Help your children develop the habit of self-confidence today. Enroll them at the Tokon Martial Arts and watch them improve in all areas. We have done this for over thirty years and we have the results to show.





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The owner of Tokon Martial Arts, Sensei Marcus and Sensei Christina aid in child development by teaching children confidence. By praising children and working on their strengths and weaknesses, they turn their lack of confidence into higher self-esteem and self-confidence.

By continually providing difficult tasks, the students feel the sense of accomplishment which further boosts their development and mental strength and health. Eventually, they get the “ability to succeed’ because they have a strong mindset and work ethic. At Tokon Martial Arts students become confident people. Get more confidence hacks and parenting advice by reading some more of our articles below or visit our blog.

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