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Most responsible parents by now are aware that many children are experiencing epidemic levels of obesity - a problem in large part associated with physical inactivity and total urbanization of today's youth. Muscles are like engines that "run" our body. Like with any engine it is essential to maintain the engine to steer an active and healthy lifestyle. In the past, childhood was the most active time in people's lives - this has drastically changed. Today's children unfortunately are more sedentary than ever and therefore are not only prone for bad body posture but also weak musculoskeletal systems. Not to mention weak cardio-vascular capacity. Responsible parents are aware of this and are looking for answers.

We at Tokon Martial Arts offer with AKA the perfect solution with our children's athletic conditioning. The beneficial effects of our program typically exceeds most parents expectations. Parents highly appreciate the challenging dose of physical activity their children get at Tokon Martial Arts and the kids love it. We are probably the only facility of its kind that actively helps parents to fight overweight in their children with an athletic conditioning program.

Our program provides visual reinforcement, because our young students can easily see how much stronger they have become, how much higher or wider they can jump and how much progress they have made in their overall fitness level, strength, coordination and athleticism.

The potential of what your child will learn and can accomplish at Tokon Martial Arts is priceless. Don't waste any more time or money somewhere else - come and check us out. 

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Top 11 Reasons Why Kids Should Strength Training

Unfortunately, many people mistakenly believe that strength training would be an unsafe and inappropriate activity for youth. This is far from truth. If strength training is safe and effective for frail elderly people it is even better for health young people with full movement capacity and plenty of energy. Not only is strength training safe for kids, but it may actually helps reduce the number of injuries they sustain during other physical activities. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), 50 percent of preadolescent sports injuries could be prevented, in large part, by enrolling kids in youth strength and conditioning programs (ACSM 1993).

  • Stronger Muscles
  • Stronger Bones
  • Stronger Tendons
  • Stronger Ligaments
  • More Muscle Mass
  • Less Fat
  • Higher Metabolism
  • Greater Physical Capacity
  • Greater Self-Confidence
  • Lower Injury Risk
  • Greater Mental Focus

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From Pro-trainer 
"Two of the most frequently asked questions about children and strength training are; “Is it safe for kids to lift weights?” And “At what age can kids start lifting weights?” The sad truth is, many doubts surround the safety and validity of weight training for children. Many would even have you believe that kids have no place at all in the weight room. Despite this conservatism, exercise physiologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics both support the implementation of strength and resistance training programs for young children."

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Located in Natomas Sacramento California. We are Sacramento’s premier and best Karate and martial arts training facility for kids, children and adults. We teach traditional shotokan karate and self-defense in Sacramento. Our Karate school has affiliations with the Japan Karate Association (JKA) as well as ties to the ISKF (International Shotokan Karate Federation). We get you in shape and your child bully proofed. Shotokan Karate has a long history but has proven itself in the 21st century. Shotokan is the Karate style that made Lyoto Machida a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion. Karate training is the perfect full body workout and that’s why we hope to see you soon at our Karate Dojo. We also offer private lessons, personal training, boot camps as well as athletic performance coaching. The high level of instructions and personal attention to every student sets our Karate school apart from all other martial arts places in the area. 

The potential of what your child will learn and can accomplish at Tokon Martial Arts is priceless. Don't waste any more time or money somewhere else - come and check us out.