Wisdom is having the quality of Good

 judgment, experience, knowledge but also foresight.

Would you agree? 

Don’t we all want to be wise and make wise decisions?

When picking an activity or sport to be more specific wouldn’t you want to make a wise decision as well?

The question is obsolete, of course, you would be like any other human you would want it all -it should be a sport that gives you strength, endurance, power, explosiveness, agility, sense of balance and flexibility. But as said we are humans and we want it all, so please give me something that challenges my brain, forces me to coordinate at a higher level, develop my overall sense of where my body is in space. 

It should require memorization

as well after all I want to practice my mind as well, right? Talking about the mind, how about something that can make me more focused, more committed, more determined?

While we are at it let’s get rid of fear, anxiety, depression, nervousness, and my annoying fidgeting as well. I am actually now just starting to daydream because I want to fix anything else that is wrong with society so what about creating a world of inner harmony and peace and stop the violence.Some people are so stubborn and difficult to work with they should learn how it is to be mentored so they too eventually can be mentors and improve their leadership skills.

...the world needs more empathy.


I don’t even know anymore what I am talking about.

Such an activity would need centuries to develop and to be fine-tuned.

It would require the practitioner to be guided and mentored, and it would require intense practice and training. It would have to tear down the practitioners’ ego and self-image just to build it up again. It would have to make the practitioner get in touch with their own negative feelings and thoughts just to gain an understanding of the cause of violence. Because violence and wars can never be stopped if not fully understood and how the human ego gets into the way of peace. The activity would have to proof itself and stand the test of time, and it would have to show that it is scalable all the way up to a whole society.

Now let me go back to the beginning of this article​​​​

if you want to be wise, would you not pick an activity that offers you not only as many physical benefits as possible but also as many mental and spiritual benefits? Would you not just choose an activity that has it all and transforms you physically as well as mentally,an activity that you can do even into old age and still improve?

Well, I am here to tell you that all you need to do is look for a traditional (Japanese) martial arts school. If by any chance you live in California in Sacramento, then you are lucky, very lucky because that is where I am at.My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife Christina, and I are the owners of Tokon Martial Arts. Traditional martial arts route their training in self-development, and some consider us as an authority when it comes to self-development and self-cultivation.

In our Karate school

we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving. We strengthen confidence and reduce fear, anxiety, and doubts. We teach our students to learn how to fight the internal conflict within which in return will not only help them solve their own personal conflicts but will also make it easier to resolve conflicts with others. The family-friendly atmosphere that we have at our school creates a circle of friends that are supportive, inspiring and motivating to excel. At our dojo, you are never too young and never too old to start working on yourself.

Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today. The right time is always NOW!

If you reach black belt level at 

Tokon Martial Arts

you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish, and you will have not only a different outlook on life but turned knowledge into wisdom.If you want to make a wise decision for yourself, your son, your daughter or for your whole family then come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

Sensei Marcus is also the CEO of Taitoku Training 

A coaching company that teaches self-development and self-transformation, team training & leadership. As a result of his coaching as a martial arts expert, CEOs increase their productivity, improve their efficiency, confidence, focus, and potential in a sustainable way. Through his teachings, companies can improve their communication, productivity, teamwork, profits and expand their market share. If you know a CEO or corporation that wants to take it to the next level.

please visit www.TaitokuTraining.com or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com

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