4 Steps to Leadership

What parents who want their kids to be leaders need to do

As parents, we spend a considerable amount of time thinking about our kid's future. We try to strike a balance between engaging them in what makes them happy and making them excel in it.

We want our kids to be "natural leaders" because of the benefits that being a leader accrues. The honest truth is that leaders are not born naturally. Rather, they are created as a result of their life experiences and their response to them. However, if you read the stories of highly successful people, you will find out that most of the time, they had proactive parents that nurtured them for leadership.

The fact that you are reading this page is a pointer that you are in this category of proactive parents.

The questions that preoccupy your mind often include:

  • How do I train my kid to become a great leader?
  • How do I help him overcome the fear of taking charge?
  • How would he/she learn to lead in the right way?
  • How would he know the right things to say?
  • How would he learn to act like a leader?
  • Have you had trouble finding the answers to these questions? If so, it's probably because you haven’t tried to be very specific, when the answers are more about the Traits of Great Leaders than exactly what leaders say, or do.

Heard about “Transferable skills”

These are the skills that your kids learn from another thing. Sports is a great example.

  • If your child plays baseball and is a good hitter, they must have good hand-eye coordination. Good hand-eye coordination is a transferable skill. They will likely also be a good golfer because of the similarities of hitting a baseball with a baseball bat to hitting a golf ball with a golf club.
  • Martial Arts Training teaches all the traits – transferable skills, it takes to be a great leader.
  • I would show you that in a second. Let me give you this analogy.

Forbes magazine is not a kid’s magazine, it’s a business magazine for adults. However, we are talking about preparing our kids to be great leaders into adulthood, let’s look at what Forbes published about the "Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader."

These include:

  • Honesty - Ethical behavior
  • Delegate – Trust your team
  • Confidence – Staying calm and confident will help keep your team feeling the same.
  • Commitment - If you expect your team to work hard and produce quality content, you’re going to need to lead by example.
  • Communication - relate your vision to your team
  • Positive Attitude - keeping your team motivated
  • Creativity – Plays a vital role in making on the fly decisions
  • Intuition - Higher pressure situations mean your natural intuition has to kick in.
  • Inspire - It is your job to keep the team’s spirits up.
  • Approach - In order to optimize your effectiveness as a leader, you must have the ability to customize your approach on a person by person basis.

Let’s see how the Forbes

“Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader”, match up with the traits and transferable skills you learn within Martial Arts Training.


One of the core values of Martial Arts Training is Honesty. Your child is taught how to be honest with themselves and others. In martial arts training, your child will learn very quickly how to be honest with themselves. This is because the successful execution of self-defense techniques requires you to know your strengths and limitations.


Admittedly, this is not one of the initial things kids learn with martial arts, but if they want to, helping with classes is always welcome, and that does require the ability to delegate.


It’s a major confidence boost when your child knows that they can defend themselves against bullies or predators. All the physical training will make your child feel great. Kids who study martial arts are known to exude confidence.


Good communication is about thinking clearly, taking your time and confidence. Clear thinking and patience are natural byproducts of Martial Arts Training as they are required for your child to be able to defend themselves under high-pressure situations. These transferable qualities also help with public speaking and communicating effectively to individuals or small groups

Positive Attitude

Martial Arts Training Environments are one of those places you see posters with the word CAN’T crossed out. A high achiever attitude pervades our classes.


Forbes mentions the importance of “Creativity” in helping to make decisions on the “Fly”. Learning to respond calmly and properly to any number of unexpected attackers is practically the definition of creativity for leadership. Legendary Martial Arts Training will train your child how to be quick thinking and lightning fast with responses even when they have no idea what is coming at them.Martial Arts Training Environments are one of those places you see posters with the word CAN’T crossed out. A high achiever attitude pervades our classes.


Unlike other sports, Martial Arts Training teaches kids how to find their center, to stop the mind chatter, and to access their inner strength. To let what you already know come out when it is needed. This is intuition.


Inspiring a team is all about everything we have been talking about here. Confidence, quick thinking, the ability to handle pressure, honesty and a positive attitude will inspire those around your child.


In Martial Arts, we teach your child how to size up opponents in the matter of a split second. This is another transferable skill and trait giving your child the ability to size up a person to determine the right approach toward them for the purposes of trying to motive, persuade or teach them.

Therefore, it can be accepted that Martial Arts Scores 100% as Leadership Training!

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. I and my wife, Christina own a martial arts training school known as Tokon Martial Arts. We are in the business of using martial arts training to empower the minds of people of all ages and sizes all over the world, helping them reach their potential. We help students increase their focus, have more grit and learn how to persevere. By doing this we help them understand that nothing is too difficult to accomplish.

At Tokon Martial Arts, we create that high achiever atmosphere that grooms leaders.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have achieved what most people will never achieve in their lives. Not only will you have not a different outlook on life but gain a ‘high achiever attitude’ that will help your child grow to become strong leaders in their fields.

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