At Tokon Martial Arts, your children can set goals and complete them by following a few steps :

It’s not typically easy for kids to set goals and stick to them. It’s also understandable that every parent love seeing their kids focused on the goals they set for themselves. The joy on their faces is so relatable. The process of goal-setting boosts their self-confidence and helps them cultivate the habit of challenging themselves. Parents also get a sense of pride from helping their kids to achieve greatness.


Having a clear desire and the willingness to pursue it.

In class, your child will be surrounded by peers with different kinds of belt ranks. They will witness the great things they can achieve and the ranks they can get to with the right mindset. Our belt ranking system will become a “ladder’ for your kid to climb in order to attain a higher rank. 


Your child needs to have an understanding of what it’ll take to succeed.

Having a black belt can be a great motivation for your child. However, your kid cannot attain this level without passing through the lower ranks, in stages. At Tokon Martial Arts, We teach them the value of first getting work done and then making sure the work is high quality. We have a detailed Belt Ranking System of the amount of training for a kid to perform to attain new belt levels. Every color belt rank is a confidence and perseverance booster until the rank of black belt is reached. We teach our students to understand that goal-setting is a transferable skill, and will mold them not only into responsible adulthood but is the key factor of becoming successful.


Attaining goals is a result of actions and hard work, not circumstances and favor.

It can get really difficult for kids to step out their comfort zone to go get something they desire. Society has made many kids feel very entitled and sit around waiting for things to happen for them. Your child needs to understand that success is based on their actions! The Tokon Martial Arts Program creates an action-oriented atmosphere for your kids. We award the children with recognition and rewards based on their hard work. In addition to instructor guidance, this peer group will positively influence your children to be the best versions of themselves.


Teamwork is always better!

We’ll help your child understand how to work with other like-minded children to achieve greater goals. This instills the concept of teamwork deep into their hearts. We don’t just instruct, we support your child. We educate them on asking for help and authorized people to offer support. The children will learn the value of choosing the right people to use for support and guidance.


Role Models

Not just kids, but everybody can learn more efficiently with influence from positive role models. People generally model after those who have achieved more with the aim of doing something similar. At Tokon Martial Arts, your child will be looking up to their instructors as their role models. You should note that we don’t take that responsibility with levity. We set the examples they need not just in goal setting but with all the wonderful benefits of Martial Arts Training.The Tokon Martial Arts Goal-Setting Program combines mind, body, and attitude required to set and attain goals through training. Martial Arts Training at Tokon Martial Arts equips your kids with mind-tools to be successful at home, school and in life.  

We Teach Students To :

  • Learn to defend themselves against bullies
  • Develop a healthy self-image
  • Increase their ability to focus
  • Stay in awesome physical condition
  • Gain confidence
  • And so much more.

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