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    Success for children – how we put your son on the path to success

    ​Is your son "taught" success?​When you study successful people, you will always find at the least two common character trades, and that is commitment and attitude. It seems that successful people never have any doubts, any fear or anything else that might hold them back to achieve their dreams. It also appears that successful people never give up until they reach their goal(s). When successful people share their story, there is always a “wow” factor in their story. Some are heartbreaking experiences like the death of a family member, some talk about harsh poverty and others talk about nearly impossible circumstances. Still, yet they persevered, managed to sail through those…

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    Why father and son should train Karate together

    The best way to staying connected with your son Are you interested in connecting with your son, guiding him through the teenage years into adult hood? Do you want a strong family bonding experience with your son? Then you should seriously consider training martial arts with him. Here are the main reasons: Help introducing your son into manhoodSpend time with each other and workout togetherBe your son's role modelBe part of your son's journey, accomplishments and setbacksGet fit and in shape togetherLearn the life skill of self-defense togetherMartial Arts training is a great father and son bonding activity. Don't miss out being your son's super hero. The potential of what you…

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    Why every father should train Karate with his son

    Or how to be your son's super hero Your first priority as a father is your son’s safety. There is no doubt that you take good care of your son’s safety at home. But, how far does that protection reach your son when he is not at home? Did you know that a violent crime happens every 90 seconds in the U.S.?That's quite an alarming statistic and you understand that your son’s safety extends far beyond your home. With violence on the rise, you should consider one crucial life skill that most parents overlook: self-defense.Keep your son safeStudents at Tokon Martial Arts are taught not only to recognize potential dangers but also…