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    Be wise with the activity you pick

    ​      The best activity to do as you get olderWisdom is having the quality of good judgment, experience, knowledge but also foresight. Would you agree? Don’t we all want to be wise and make wise decisions? When picking an activity or sport to be more specific wouldn’t you want to make a wise decision as well? The question is obsolete, of course, you would. You would be like any other human you would want it all - it should be a sport that gives you strength, endurance, power, explosiveness, agility, sense of balance and flexibility. But as said we are humans and we want it all, so please give…

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    What is the best activity for any age?

    Staying younger and healthier at any ageAre you interested in staying younger and healthier? For centuries the traditional Martial Arts have shown us a path to longevity, health and well-being. If you are serious about staying and feeling younger you should seriously consider training a traditional Martial Arts such as Karate. Here are the main reasons: Karate mimics all human movements in all 3 planes of movementKarate strengthens bones, ligaments and tendonsKarate keeps all joints active and engagedKarate is a great full body workout Karate schools your sense of balance and orientation in space something that diminishes as you ageTraditional Martial Arts are great for spiritual growth, personal development and self-cultivation…

  • Parenting

    The best way to make your child successful

    How to roadmap your child to ​happiness, health & success Every parent wants the very best for their child(ren), and of course, every parent wants their child to be successful.But what does success mean? How is it defined? This is an important question to ask because too often we define success only in monetary terms. But there is so much more than money. What about the most critical success, "emotional success" and well-being? All the money in the world is worthless if your child is depressed and unhappy.Equally important is the success of being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, we want our children to be…