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    How you can learn to take opportunities

    ​            Are you prepared for good luck?The world famous golf player Tiger Woods supposedly said once in an interview after making an “impossible” shot: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” I can only confirm this statement. Diligent practice seems to shift things around and all suddenly what seemed questionable at best or impossible at worst gets closer and closer into the reach of possibility - eventually the unexpected, unbelievable and maybe even impossible becomes possible. If you are religious, you will give credit to god, if you are a Yogi, you will say it is the power of the universe. Either is right…

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    Has your daughter started her path to success already?

    ​Success for YOUR daughterThe study of successful people shows, that you will always find at the least two common character trades: commitment and attitude. It seems that successful people never have any doubts, any fear or anything else that might hold them back to achieve their dreams. It also appears that successful people never give up until they reach their goal(s). Listening to successful people sharing their story, you realize that there is always a “wow” factor. It might be a heartbreaking experiences like the death of a family member, extreme poverty or about nearly impossible circumstances. Yet they persevered, managed to sail through those troubled waters to come out…

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    Karate Students – The perfect lifelong Learners

    Natomas Dad Discovers: The Secret To Turning a Problem Child Into a SUPER KID!One of the best habits that can be installed into a person is the willingness and eagerness of life-long learning and improvement. The Karate belt system is not only set up as a constant measure of the students’ progress but also as a progression to foster life-long training and learning. Students go from the beginner ranks to their first black belt. Once they have reached their first black belt the journey continues, and they go from the beginner ranks of black belts to the highest black belt ranks - a journey that takes a lifetime.Perfect to install the attitude of…