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    Your career will soon be over and obsolete if you don’t change

    ​You are obsoleteYou are obsolete - a harsh statement, but this is where things are slowly moving towards. Let me explain: Taxi drivers? - Obsolete - not just because of the invention of Uber and Lift but let’s take a look at what the car industry is doing: self-driving cars are slowly but surely popping up anywhere. Cashier and checkout clerk? Obsolete - you go to the self-checkout, swipe your credit card or waive your phone, and out the door you are. Chefs and Cooks at fast food restaurants? Obsolete - they are now getting replaced with Burger-Flipping robots. Do you think it’s only affecting low wage jobs? ​Think again...…

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    Why father and son should train Karate together

    The best way to staying connected with your son Are you interested in connecting with your son, guiding him through the teenage years into adult hood? Do you want a strong family bonding experience with your son? Then you should seriously consider training martial arts with him. Here are the main reasons: Help introducing your son into manhoodSpend time with each other and workout togetherBe your son's role modelBe part of your son's journey, accomplishments and setbacksGet fit and in shape togetherLearn the life skill of self-defense togetherMartial Arts training is a great father and son bonding activity. Don't miss out being your son's super hero. The potential of what you…

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    Imagine Your Child… Being the Most Well Behaved and Confident Youngster in the Neighborhood

    At Tokon Martial Arts we help children to develop focus and concentration.Tokon Martial Arts, a Leader inSelf-DevelopmentAt Tokon Martial Arts we offer traditional Shotokan Karate. Our program is a holistic physical, psychological and character developing system for students of all ages whether it be children, adults or professionals. As a leader in self-development we see and experience on a daily bases where we can assist with specific exercises and solutions to help strengthen character, discipline, self-esteem, focus and life skills.Only traditional martial arts such as Karate force the students to continually work on:Commitment Goal Setting Achievement Leadership Teamwork Lifelong Learning Focus Concentration Grit Self-Control  Mental ToughnessEverything in Karate is micromanaged, with the purpose to improve one's virtues & character. No…