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    Is nobody doing self-development anymore?

    ​           Virtual Reality vs. Self-DevelopmentI don’t know if this is true but supposedly the average screen time of children is now up to 7 hours a day. If it is true that our children now spend an average of 7 hours staring at a screen, then we might not be that far off anymore from what is described in the movie, Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis. (The story plays in the near future where people live their lives free of pain, danger, and complications through robotic representations of themselves called surrogates.) ​That is not only mind-blowing but just plain scary. If we look at the situation in…

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    Sacramento’s most dynamic duo

    ​          Sacramento's most dynamic duoWhen you meet Marcus and Christina Hinschberger for the first time, you can’t help but think this is what is meant by the expression of a “dynamic duo.” World class athletes, exceptional educators, passionate teachers, motivational coaches, inspirational speakers, role models, and amazing parents are how this Natomas power couple is described by all who know them. Another expression that applied to this remarkable couple is, “the apple does not fall far from the tree” Christina is a second generation martial arts expert who began her training in San Francisco California as a young child under thewatchful and demanding eye of her…

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    The best way to make your child successful

    How to roadmap your child to ​happiness, health & success Every parent wants the very best for their child(ren), and of course, every parent wants their child to be successful.But what does success mean? How is it defined? This is an important question to ask because too often we define success only in monetary terms. But there is so much more than money. What about the most critical success, "emotional success" and well-being? All the money in the world is worthless if your child is depressed and unhappy.Equally important is the success of being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle. Last but not least, we want our children to be…