Natomas Parents Discover the Secret To Turning Problem Children Into Role Model Kids 

Raising a child these days isn’t easy. Kids face challenges we never dreamed of before: unhealthy food, sex, and violence on TV, drugs in schools, bullies, gangs and predators on the Internet.


The benefits of Martial Arts Training: Confidence, Self-esteem, Focus, Committment, Determination, Perseverance, Goal Setting, Goal achievement, Leadership Skills, Self-discipline, Integrity.

There’s been a complete breakdown of confidence, focus & discipline; most kids lack the self-esteem required to be even moderately successful.

Think about it. Your child’s character is mostly formed by the life experiences they have. For some children​,those experiences will be positive, but for too many kids the experiences are primarily negative.

What can you do to guarantee that your child is exposed to as many positive experiences as possible? Many local parents with kids ages 6–12 bring them to the Karate classes at Tokon Martial Arts in North Natomas on 4381 Gateway Park Boulevard Suite 520 Sacramento CA 95834.

You see, unlike the typical extra-curricular activities available to your child, Tokon Martial Arts teaches your kids how to do specific things, like how to:
Children quickly and enthusiastically learn how to make better choices about their physical health and fitness level. They become World Class Athletes! 

And get this… not only is this solution guaranteed to make your child more Confident, Focused and Disciplined… they’ll actually enjoy the process, create positive habits and become a healthier, happier and Super Samurai Kid!

We invite you to learn firsthand how our program can help improve your child’s life by trying our FREE NO-RISK TRIAL CLASS to see for yourself how Tokon Martial Arts can help make positive changes in your child. Just 

Call us at (916) 835 - 7717


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