5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Are Important For You

One common misconception of lots of people have is that Martial Arts training is only necessary for people in the armed forces, or folks who are interested in learning self-defense.

Nothing else could be farther from the truth.

While martial arts is indeed a very key component of military training and self-defense instructions, it really does have a wide range of benefits that can be applied in various sectors of human endeavor.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger, and alongside my wife Christina Hinschberger, we have run the Tokon Martial Arts Karate School in Sacramento for close to a decade now, teaching people the practice of Japanese Shotokan karate and helping them apply in different areas of their life.

I could list 1001 reasons why martial arts training is important for you, but I don’t want to bore you so I’ll give you the 5 main reasons that might apply to you.

1. It helps you develop the ability to work under pressure. A key component of martial arts training is emotional control, i.e. not reacting to situations but controlling your emotional response at all times. This will help you figure out how to gain mastery over yourself so when other people around you are panicking under pressure, you stand like a rock.

2. It helps you develop your cognitive abilities so you think faster and clearer. Self-defense training helps you to be able to assess any threat accurately and speedily so you can respond, as you should. But that training will help you as well when it comes to making split second decisions about opportunities to pursue in business and commerce.

3. It helps you develop a never give up attitude. Many people give up on their dreams too easily in life. But by strengthening your resolve, martial arts helps you inculcate an attitude that never gives up, both in the dojo and in everyday life too.

4. It helps you develop focus and concentration. Our world is overly distracting. Different things compete for our attention, yet for thousands of years Senseis like myself have taught our pupils to zero out on every other thing while focusing and concentrating on the one thing in front of you. Little wonder students of traditional martial arts are leading figures in business, sports and entertainment around the world.

5. It will keep you in great shape physically. I cannot but emphasize that great physical health is essential for an optimum quality of life. With specialized martial arts exercise, you will learn how to maintain body weight and balance, leaving you light, flexible and always full of strength.


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