Martial arts classes in Sacramento

Do you want to live longer? Then Martial arts classes in Sacramento is For You

Science teaches us the law of use and disuse – what is used becomes strengthened, what is not used becomes weak and dies off. That’s why anyone who wants to live a longer and healthier life must learn to strengthen their physical body, and there’s no way proven to do this better than martial arts training.

This is why many martial arts practitioners have gone on to live many years, even after their age mates passed on from age-related diseases. Martial arts is not just about learning to fight, it’s foundationally about strengthening the body, mind and soul and getting them to function optimally. 

When the body is being developed this way, it begins to grow in strength and functionality, warding off diseases that usually threaten to creep in. 

As the founders of Tokon Martial arts classes in Sacramento, and lifelong fitness enthusiasts, I, Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife, Sensei Christina Hinschberger are keen on helping people maximize their body for productivity.

Here are a few ways martial arts training can help you improve your physical and mental health.

  • * Detoxifying the body of toxins by specialized breathing exercises. 
  • * Increase blood flow to glands and organs, preventing atrophy. 
  • * Optimizes the pH and levels of body chemicals such as hormones and minerals 
  • * Strengthens bones and prevents weakness and deterioration
  • * Improves muscle fitness and agility
  • * Improves cardiovascular activity in the heart and lungs
  • * Reduces stress levels by relaxing the body
  • * Improves body-limb coordination and balance that helps prevent accidents
  • * Improves focus and concentration, reducing risks of accidents
  • * Increases blood flow to the brain thereby improving cognitive skills

No other sport or exercise regimen has developed the range of movements that martial arts has that helps in optimizing the body for greater health and longer life.

If you desire a long and healthy life, then start today by visiting our martial arts academy – Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento, and watch your physical and mental health improve drastically.


Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today.

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Sensei Marcus Hinschberger is also the Lead Instructor and Coach at the Taitoku Self-Development Training Program, a premium coaching course for high flying business executives and entrepreneurs. By teaching ancient principles and strategies derived from the martial arts, Sensei Marcus helps rising CEOs and business leaders learn how to develop focus and clarity, maximize their potential and engage their creative energies to outperform the competition.

Under his coaching, you will see how to develop sustainable plans to increase your productivity, expand your market share and dominate your industry for good.

Visit our website today at www.taitokutraining.com or email us at info@taitokutraining.com to learn how you can be a part of this course.

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