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            Are you prepared for good luck?

The world famous golf player Tiger Woods supposedly said once in an interview after making an “impossible” shot: “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” I can only confirm this statement.

Diligent practice seems to shift things around and all suddenly what seemed questionable at best or impossible at worst gets closer and closer into the reach of possibility - eventually the unexpected, unbelievable and maybe even impossible becomes possible. If you are religious, you will give credit to god, if you are a Yogi, you will say it is the power of the universe. Either is right or wrong because the truth is it’s just you or the power(s) within you. That those powers and forces are given by God or the universe is secondary for this kind of discussion.

The critical point here is only that such great power rests within you. Because if it rests within you, that means there must be a way for you to access it and tap into it. And indeed there is such a way and the way is through hard work. Hard work will not only provide you with the necessary skills but will also sharpen your senses. When I talk about your senses, I am not just talking about what is consciously tangible for you but all the things that only your subconsciousness could ever pick up.

Let’s go back to Tiger Woods; I am sure nobody would argue that Tiger just knows his craft - he knows how to position his body, knows how to move his arms and throw his hips into the swing and masterful coordinate all that.

All this is guided by his consciousness. However, our conscious mind will not pick up the wind speed, will not pick up the incline or decline of the targeted hole and even most of the “measuring of distance” to that hole. A lot of those factors are adjusted and identified through our subconscious

However, the doorway to our subconscious mind can only - and I mean ONLY be open through endless repetition and hard work - very hard work. You can ask any of the (outstanding) elite athletes in any sport or art, and a Yogi will probably tell you the very same too.

One of the best ways to get started on this path of opening the subconscious mind is traditional Martial Arts like the Japanese Art of Karate-Do. Karate-Do will not only teach you great virtues and skills such as perseverance, grit, confidence, self-esteem and life skills such as self-defense and leadership skills but it will give you a key to your subconsciousness.

An activity that circles around two polarities, life, and death, has a certain amount of seriousness to it that, over time it will open up the subconsciousness mind to its practitioner. Every student of traditional Karate that sticks with this art of self-development long enough will have sharpened his body, mind, and soul that his level of alertness is excellent at least and ingenious at best. And it is at this point where all suddenly luck seems to take over.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and my wife Sensei Christina Hinschberger, and I are the owners of Tokon Martial Arts. Some consider us as experts when it comes to self-development for children and adults alike. We have taught thousands of students around the world literally to get them one (or many) steps closer to their subconscious mind. For sure we went after all of them to work hard - the first step in this process.

If you are a person that wants to sharpen his/her senses, wants to get closer to your own subconscious mind so that when opportunity knocks at your door, you are prepared to take it then you should visit Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

At our Shotokan Karate school, we create a high achiever atmosphere where EVERYONE works hard to prepare for life’s (lucky) opportunities. I am sure as soon as you start surrounding yourself with the other students at our school, their high achiever attitude will inspire you. As your confidence, perseverance and focus growths you might begin to get luckier too.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish, and you will have not only a different outlook on life but a high achiever “ work hard to prepare” attitude that will be your most valuable tool for your life and career.

The time is right to make this life-changing decision now!

Procrastination is a loser's game!


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Sensei Marcus is also the CEO of Taitoku Training. A coaching company that teaches self-development and self-transformation, team training & leadership. As a result of his coaching as a martial arts expert, CEOs increase their productivity, improve their efficiency, confidence, focus, and potential in a sustainable way. Through his teachings, companies can increase their communication, productivity, teamwork, profits and expand their market share.

If you know a CEO or corporation that wants to take it to the next level, please visit Taitoku Training or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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