Have you ever wondered why it is that only a tiny minority of people seem to achieve all the success in the world? Let’s look at the stats, there are more people than rich people, more unhealthy folks than healthy people and definitely more weak people than strong people.

And it’s not for lack of trying. Most people actually desire to be successful at one thing or the other, yet the vast majority of them seem to be unsuccessful at reaching it. And while it is convenient to blame the government or society for this shortcomings, most people never look inwards to see if they play some part in their inability to reach their goals.

From experience, the man inwards is really to blame. This is because many people haven’t learnt the key art of self-discipline. So they have the education and certificates, they have the gifts and talents, many even have the connections to get things. But they are unable to gain a hold of the key cord that ties everything in life around, which is self-discipline.

Self-discipline is being able to devote yourself squarely to what your goals and aspirations are, without being carried away by the many distractions that come to us every day.

It is being able to focus and give 100% commitment to your dreams. It is being able to harness the power and energy of the mind for success. This is what many people lack and cause them to sabotage themselves every day.

But do you know that it is incredibly easy to learn self-discipline. It may not be taught in formal education settings, but once you get a grasp of a teaching curriculum, you can master it.

As founder of Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento alongside my wife, Sensei Christiana Hinschberger, we have helped thousands of people incorporate self-discipline into their daily routines, setting them up for success in life. Under our traditional martial arts program, you will learn to develop good habits and marshal the power of your mind to achieve your goals.

You will see how to be self-motivated and develop a never give up attitude. You will learn how to fight and win against overwhelming odds, as well as how to become more resilient and determined. These are things that I have taught for over thirty years and I have the evidence to prove it.

But you must take ownership of your path and take the first step, only then can true training begin.


To learn more about how you can develop the art of self-discipline, come and visit me at Tokon Martial Arts Karate in Sacramento CA, where you will meet a vibrant community of passionate learners like yourself, all committed to personal growth.


Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today.

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​Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. This is a coaching company that was designed to specifically help players in the business world increase productivity through a curriculum filled with self-development and self-transformation classes, team training classes and leadership classes.

This curriculum has helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and resultantly profits.

If you know any CEOs or corporations that want to take it to the next level, ask them to visit ​Taitoku or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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