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Give Your Kids an Unforgettable Birthday                                           Experience!

Birthdays are memorable events for all kids. All the fun, games and excitements create memories that will last for ages, and great parenting is about creating great memories. If you want to give your kid a birthday experience that is memorable and delightful for them, then you should host a karate themed birthday event at Tokon Martial Arts in Natomas/Sacramento, CA. 

That is one event that will keep on being repeated in hallways, classrooms and living rooms for years to come.

Kids are full of so much energy and passion and at Tokon Martial Arts, our instructors are experts at helping them focus that energy in fun and creative ways that are even great for their mental and physical health.

Karate parties are spectacular events because everyone gets to participate and have fun and no one complains of being left out. Karate itself is highly interactional and participants learn to develop better interpersonal relationships with other people. And we haven’t even gotten started on how much kids love karate! Plus in such parties, they get to learn simple self-defense moves in a safe and controlled environment.

Here’s what you can expect at a Karate themed birthday party at Tokon Martial Arts

  • Full karate themed decoration 

  • Karate cake with a personal message on it for the celebrant

  • Lots of drinks and snacks

  • Fun and interesting karate games with prizes for all the kids!

  • A simple, fun and valuable self-defense lesson

  • A parting gift for all the kids

In our Karate Parties, we always make sure that the birthday boy or girl feels special by loading them up with special attention. And as a parent you get to relax while our staff is doing all the work, or if you want to, you can participate in all the fun activities. What’s more, we take care of all the cleaning arrangements so you can go home rested and full of good energy for the next day.

If you’ve got any questions or you want to schedule a date, please visit us at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento, CA or send us an email and we’ll be in touch with you.

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