Goal setting is a vital skill for life and is one that anybody that desires to achieve success in life must inculcate. That’s why one of the areas we focus on teaching at the Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento, a school for traditional Karate my wife Sensei Christina and I have run for 7 years, is the importance of setting goals. I believe one of the big benefits of the Martial Arts belt system is the ability to help participants set concrete goals for themselves and then helps in transferring this knowledge across the board. Here are a few ways Martial Arts can help your kids learn the habit of goal setting.

It teaches them how to visualize goals

I love to tell people that Martial Arts is very goal-oriented in disposition. In Shotokan Karate, for example, students ascend up a hierarchy of levels denoted by colored belts as they progress through the stages of training. It’s, therefore, a matter of routine for each pupil to set goals that act as milestones to lead them to their next level. By getting used to knowing and understanding the goals that they strive to achieve, your child can learn how to visualize goals both in and out of the dojo. And truth be told, visualizing goals is often the first step to accomplishing them. 

It teaches them to appreciate the process of preparation.

Everything in life functions according to process, as there can be no shortcuts to success and in Martial Arts, it is more than just achieving goals, a great deal has to do with appreciating and trusting the process. Martial Arts will help your kids realize that it’s not just about getting from point A to point B that matters, but how you go through the journey is also equally as important. By constant and daily practice, children learn what they need to do to become successful. This permeates into their personal lives outside of the mat as they develop the culture of appreciating the process.

It teaches them the significance of hard work

There is no substitute for hard work in life - you can have all the talent in the world, but without hard work, a lot will remain lacking. Hard work is the foundation on which Martial Arts is built as nothing in this field can be achieved without putting in work. By practicing Martial Arts, children can discover the value of hard work and that their efforts always work towards their benefit. This is one lesson that will someday prove invaluable for your kids in this age.

If you want your kids to become skilled at setting and achieving goals, then start today by visiting our Martial Arts School – Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento, and have them learn the basics of self-improvement, goal setting, and hard work.

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At Tokon Martial Arts, we help you raise your child by teaching children good behavior, responsibility, commitment, and focus. Through that, children start being role models and leader. We help to enforce discipline, so you don't need to pick your battles fighting with your child. Remember - it takes a village to raise a child. With the instructors at Tokon Martial Arts, you have a great team on your side to raise your child and prepare him or her for life. Get more parenting hacks and parenting advice by reading some more of our articles below or from our blog.

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