Martial Arts training is not just about learning self-defense skills, it also helps to build positive values into the life of practitioners. These positive values and morals contribute to lifelong character-building and development of soft skills for success. I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger and I want to share some of these values with you.

  1. Discipline: Discipline is one of the most important values that children pick up during Martial Arts as it transfers into other aspects of a child’s life – education, peer relations, and career. In traditional Martial Arts, discipline refers to the ability to manage one’s emotions and short-term desires while creatively working towards achieving more meaningful long-term goals. In a Martial Arts program, this is instilled through the use and practice of certain age-old techniques that Senseis have long used to bring the best out of their pupils.

  2. Courage: In Martial Arts classes, your children will learn the true definition of courage which is not merely the absence of fear but being able to act in spite of it. They will learn how to channel their internal energies to act in the face of fear. This courage encompasses a certain spirit of bravery and is a transferable skill. It is a moral value that allows students to set goals, overcome challenges, and meet success in the dojo and in everyday life. 

  3. Focus: Martial Arts training requires a high level of focus from students because of its attendant mental and physical challenges. Like many other values that Martial Arts espouses, focus is one that is needed for success outside the academy as well. When kids learn this skill in their Martial Arts class, they can begin to apply it to school work, homework, chores, and other personal areas of their life as they transition to adulthood.

  4. Leadership: Leadership is a fundamental value and skill for personal success that all parents must help their children build. While some young people have inherent leadership qualities, many others must develop them with proper mentorship by instructors and maximize growth opportunities. 

  5. Martial Arts training is steadfast at encouraging and stimulating young leaders with the chance to help lower-level students reach their goals. With these skills, children feel empowered to make positive decisions and serve as role models outside their Martial Arts classes and in their school, family, and even community.

You might wonder if all these don’t look too intense for children to learn, however, while they do develop these values through their Martial Arts training, it’s not really necessary for them to begin with an understanding of what they are or the techniques used to develop them.

At Tokon Martial Arts, our classes are so much fun that children don’t realize that they are gaining good values yet the results are readily apparent in other areas of their lives.

To see what a Martial Arts class looks like, come visit Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento. My wife, Sensei Christina Hinschberger and I have run it for over seven years training thousands of kids and going on to see them excel in academics, college, and business.


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Sensei Marcus and Sensei Christina teach leadership skills in children and set developmental milestones by equipping already young children with leadership qualities.
The students at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento develop a list of core values and skills such as focus, commitment, loyalty, determination, honesty, problem-solving, positive attitude, stress management, communication skills, and many more life skills. We produce good leaders. Encouraging your child and taking good care of health and development will be much easier with Tokon Martial Arts on your side. Read more about us in one of the articles below or visit our blog

Sensei Marcus Hinschberger is also the Lead Instructor and Coach at the Taitoku Self-Development Training Program, a premium coaching course for high flying business executives and entrepreneurs. By teaching ancient principles and strategies derived from the Martial Arts, Sensei Marcus helps rising CEOs and business leaders learn how to develop focus and clarity, maximize their potential and engage their creative energies to outperform the competition.

Under his coaching, you will see how to develop sustainable plans to increase your productivity, expand your market share and dominate your industry for good. 

Visit our website Taitoku or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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