Spiritual growth The right time is alwasy now 06 edited 1

Spiritual growth The right time is alwasy now 06 edited 1

Traditional Martial Arts is the most complete form of training ever known to mankind. This is because it doesn’t just focus on the body alone, it is also concerned about the development of the spirit and the mind.

This is vitally important when you realize that many people have been unable to fulfill their purpose for existence because of a weak body, fearful mind and a cluttered spirit. 

It becomes even more dangerous when such people cannot recognize this limitation in themselves and seek to blame their unhappiness on external situations and circumstances like the economy or the state of the nation when it is really just an inability to fulfill their purpose. 

With Martial Arts training, the emphasis has always been on improving on the human, body, mind, and spirit. That is why the body is strengthened with physical activities and exercises, the mind is rid of fear and strengthened with life skills like self-confidence, discipline, and commitment. 

Finally, the spirit is decluttered of all unnecessary distractions by meditation exercises such that it learns to focus on only the important things. These approach results in the development of a totally fit individual who feels empowered to go on and take on their purpose.

Through Martial Arts, many students have been able to achieve a higher level of clarity and spiritual awareness about their existence because their growth has been facilitated through their training. This becomes all the more important as the challenges of this age increase upon us.

Over the last 30 years, even before I began the Tokon Martial Arts Academy in Sacramento with my wife Sensei Christina Hinschberger, I have committed myself to helping people achieve spiritual growth and awareness combined with a strong physical body.

This I have done by helping them attain the state of a peaceful mind and spirit where the individual is no longer fettered by worries and anxiety but is free to soar and dwell on what is truly important and necessary for life.

I believe this is the best state for living and it can only be achieved through training, especially via the hidden wisdom within traditional Martial Arts. 

If you would love to attain this state of spiritual growth and clarity too, then you should come visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Natomas / Sacramento. Your life’s purpose might depend on it.

Enroll yourself, or even better your whole family today.

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Through martial arts training students get to work on mind, body, and soul. They learn to set goals and work on their personal development. During the hard training, students learn focus, determination, work ethics, and commitment, which are essential parts of manifesting their dreams into reality. Equipped with those tools, they can work on their life's true purpose and pursuit of happiness. Martial Arts serve as a science of happiness by exploring once own emotions. Feel happy and feel good because life is good at Tokon Martial Arts. Learn more about spirituality, human emotions and self-cultivation by reading of our articles below or visit our blog.

Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. This is a coaching company that was designed to specifically help players in the business world increase productivity through a curriculum filled with self-development and self-transformation classes, team training classes and leadership classes.

This curriculum has helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and resultantly profits.

If you know any CEOs or corporations that want to take it to the next level, ask them to visit Taitoku or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@TaitokuTraining.com.

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