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One of the best habits that can be installed into a person is the willingness and eagerness of life-long learning and improvement. 

The Karate belt system is not only set up as a constant measure of the students’ progress but also as a progression to foster life-long training and learning. Students go from the beginner ranks to their first black belt. 

Once they have reached their first black belt the journey continues, and they go from the beginner ranks of black belts to the highest black belt ranks - a journey that takes a lifetime.

Perfect to install the attitude of a lifetime of learning. One of the best habits employers could hope for in their workforce. 

Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento helps with its system to install this virtuous attitude. The practice of Karate is a lifetime of achievement, installing the habit and attitude in the student that there is no other way  than the need for permanent improvement and growth. 

Progress to the next belt rank requires that the student fully apply himself or herself on a regular basis, thereby creating the habit of continuous commitment, determination, and learning. As periods from test to test become longer (higher ranks) the student must use his grit and perseverance to stay on the course on this lifelong journey. Experiencing the fact on one’s own body that specific skills only come to you after decades of practice is something most people in the world have never experienced before. Even more so exciting is that also after decades of dedicated training the human body no matter the age will offer the practitioner new states of developments. 

Tokon Martial Arts is Northern California’s leading martial arts school. We look forward to working with you.

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