Build the confidence of your child and watch                  him/her become fearless

When talking about high achievers in the world today, one cannot but mention the name of the legendary golfer Tiger Woods. He is one of the best golfers to ever hold the club. He has won about 81 Masters championship which earned him millions in endorsements from Nike and other top brands. He was a role model to a lot of kids. A few years back, a bitter divorce and a string of injuries weighed him down. He lost his spot as the top golfer in the world and went further down on the pecking order. He had to pull himself out of so many competitions. He lost scores of endorsements. A lot of pundits lost faith in him and believed that he was never going to make a comeback. But on the 14th of April, 2019, Tiger Wood became the second oldest golfer to ever win the Masters tournament at age 43. This was his first tournament win since 2008.

One would wonder how he was able to defy the odds and become a world golf champion after a long hiatus. I strongly believe that it was a matter of him regaining his confidence. His world came crashing down after his marriage crashed. He lost the confidence, what drove him to keep pushing to be the best. When he was able to regain his confidence, he became a worldwide phenomenon again.

This underscores the importance of confidence on the road to success.  If your kid has a strong sense of confidence, it could improve his grades and sharpen his social and leadership skills. They would also be able to withstand peer pressure and be able to deal with bullies. Your child would be able to identify opportunities and grab them.

Confidence can be built. It is unfortunate that this important life skill is not taught in schools.  However, confidence can be built if you put yourself in an environment that encourages the building of confidence.

Karate Dojos are examples of this environment. It’s not only how to kick ass you get to learn in a dojo. You get to learn important life skills like confidence and focus.

I am Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. I and my wife Sensei Christina own Tokon Martial Arts. Tokon Martial Arts is considered by many as one of the best martial art training center in Sacramento.

We have taught thousands of students around the globe how to develop the kind of confidence that is associated with high achievers.

We help students to set goals, and accomplish them. We teach how to gain more confidence and higher self-esteem. We get students to increase their focus, have more grit and learn how to persevere. We teach how to shake off setbacks and try it one more time.

In our Karate school, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the student not only to stay on track but to keep improving. We strengthen confidence and reduce fear, anxiety, and doubts.

We teach our students to excel, to improve and to overcome. The family-friendly atmosphere that we have at our school creates a circle of friends that is supportive, inspiring and motivating to excel.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts you will have done what most others will never do or accomplish and you will have not only a different outlook on life but have the tools to succeed in your career and if desired make it take off.

If you want to make a wise decision for yourself, your son, your daughter or for your whole family then come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento.

​​​Procrastination is a loser's game


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Sensei Marcus Hinschberger also owns Taitoku Training. Taitoku Training is a coaching company that was designed to help players in the business word increase productivity. We take our trainees through classes of self-transformation, team training, and leadership.  We have countless testimonies of how our training classes have helped companies increase productivity, teamwork and as a result profit.

Know any CEOs or corporations that want to take it to the next level? Ask them to visit Taitoku Training or contact Sensei Marcus directly at info@taitokutraining.com.

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